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Trading My Sorrows

Walt's memoir of his remarkable life journey is called "A Transgender's Faith" and it is riveting.

Visit to learn more.


Walt's take on current transgender topics at

Hands Across the Aisle

Lost Voices in the Transgender Debate: Liberals and Conservatives Unite in Defense of Women’s Rights

As the debate over transgenderism and gender identity continues to divide the nation, a politically diverse group of women came together to form a coalition called Hands Across the Aisle. Their voices include a conservative, a rape survivor, a feminist, and a lesbian activist, all… More at "Hands Across the Aisle"

Third Way Trans

Alternate ways to think about gender dysphoria, gender identity, retransition, detransition and transgender issues from a former trans woman and psychology grad student.
Third Way Trans website.
Healing from gender dysphoria forum

"Tranzformed" a documentary

Finding peace with your God-given gender.
15 transgender individuals tell their stories of release from gender dysphoria. Powerful and compelling. Visit the website.

Detransition Info

Especially for teens with questions. Several of the moderators are in their teens or twenties. The answers are wise and kind.


A community of parents & friends skeptical of the "transgender child/teen" trend. Features essays from parents, formerly trans-identified people, and people with professional expertise and experience with young people questioning their gender identity.


Parents questioning the trans narrative. "We are a group of parents based in the UK, who are concerned about the current trend to diagnose ‘gender non-conforming’ children as transgender. "

Inspired Teen Therapy

Great article: Pathologizing the Body: New Reflections on Mind-Body Incongruence