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It's Only a Gender Fetish

From D--


I really appreciate you speaking about this issue. I have struggled for most of my life with gender identity issues, and often wish I were a girl.

I am a cross-dresser, who is recently divorced, and I thought this was my opportunity to change my sex. I have been doing quite a lot of research and stumbled across your youtube videos, as well as some others.

I now realize I have a gender fetish, but I would be unhappy to change my sex and then regret it. I haven't read your book, but what your (and others) videos say have touched my life. I now just hope and pray I can find a way to accept myself for who I am. For whatever reason, I have been put in this body with this fetish, and I need to learn to cope and not dwell on what could be.

I thank you again for helping me to not make a life altering change that is irreversible.