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I want to be a man again

I underwent surgery about 10 years ago. I was convinced it was the right thing to do - regrettably, it was not. The price I paid was dear; I hurt the ones I loved the most—my children, my siblings, my parents, and my partner.

By all appearances I am a success story. I have a good job as a high school teacher, I live stealth, have had a fairly active love life, etc., but none of this can ever make up for the pain and guilt I feel everyday of my life. As accepting as my son has been, every time I look at him I see the hurt in his eyes. I can feel his sense of loss over his father, and it tears at my very soul.

Believe it or not, I have even gone to a therapist and several surgeons—with little success. I just get told it’s a normal part of the “adjustment phase” (an awfully long phase!!!). They say, “You make a nice woman—be happy!” But I’m not happy!

I am wondering if you know of any surgeon that will remove my breast implants. 

I really would like to start living as a man again.