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Regret Is Real—and Transgenders Are Going Back...

The following examples are real people. Most have contacted me and allowed me to use their stories.  Others were in the news. Click on a link to read more. 

  1. "I had it all: family, career, respect." more

  2. "I often imagine myself as woman and love wearing the clothes and making up - BUT the moment I look at real women reality hits." more

  3. "Although I thought I was completely sure of what I was doing, I began to regret the decision a mere three weeks after the operation." 

  4. At 21, Australian Alan Finch underwent surgery and became Helen. more

  5. "I want to be a man again."  more

This is from someone who has found victory in the Lord and is willing to share his story:

I had irreversible gender reassignment surgery in 1997 absolutely convinced I was a woman in a man's body. I anticipated living happily ever after, however I had persistent difficulties and fell into deep depression. I began reading the Bible, unsatisfied with superficial proclamations of diversity, inclusiveness,and tolerance. I happened upon King David's famous repentance Psalm 51 and discovered, like David, I could be forgiven for all my sins. I also learned God chastens those whom He loves and I was being guided to seek repentance, and faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ. I knew identifying as a woman was not living in truth,and returned to my given names and birth gender without further surgery.

My victory has come by allowing the Lord in my heart,becoming God-focused instead of self-centered, and am thankful for my birth sex and many blessings. despite the consequences and challenges. God has led me to witness His truth and love, and I can testify: indeed, God's grace, mercy and truth do set one free.

God bless,
Robert John

And one more...
A Transgender's FaithWalt Heyer, author of Paper Genders, A Transgender's Faith and Perfected with Love:

"I myself was diagnosed with gender identity disorder and underwent sex change surgery.  Seven years later, I realized sex change surgery was not treatment at all.

I was misdiagnosed. I was suffering from a dissociative disorder that required talk therapy, not surgery."

Read more about Walt's story at www.tradingmysorrows.com.

 Detransition stories--not rare!

ABC News NightlineAugust 31, 3011

In From Man to Woman and Back Again, host Cynthia McFadden describes the person as: 

           "One of the only people in the world to go from man to woman and back again."

"Man to woman and back again" is a frequent occurrence. Research and reporting of it are the rarities. As you can see from the emails I receive, many go through the gender change surgery and go back again.

Many videos are available online from real people telling their stories. Use Google or YouTube.com and search for "detransition."

Here are films with more stories:

I Want My Sex Back. Detransitioned transgender people... --a short documentary of 3 detransitioners (I'm one of them)

TranZformed: Finding Peace with Your God-Given Gender--This film features 15 people who detransitioned and now tell their stories. It's not free, but it doesn't cost too much and buying it supports the people who went to the effort to produce it.

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